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FFXI Official Release in Europe & FFXII Soundtrack Samples

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy will make its official debut in Europe on September 16th. Both expansions to the game, Rise of the Zilart and Chains of Promathia will be included in the release, which will contain seven CD-ROMs total. This launch will coincide with the Japanese & North American release for Chains of Promathia, which will allow for the entire game to be played by a worldwide audience for the first time. The game will retail for about 50 Euros, which includes a free 30-day trial. Afterwards a charge of $12.95(USD) will be issued a month, and an additonal $1.00 for every character up to fifteen characters per month.

In other news, Square Enix has added a three soundtrack samples to the music section of the official FFXII Site. The game, soundtrack and all, is slated for a Spring 2005 release in Japan, and a North American release date is yet to be announced. We will keep you posted.

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