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As promised. :) [04 Sep 2005|12:28am]


For all your Final Fantasy news needs! This community is now going to be officially inactive. Sorry about the long period of inactivity that was already happening anyway, but I hope the new ffnews will keep you as up to date as possible with all news on Final Fantasy. :) Azar, Sepho, Cloud_Strider, CloudDragon, Strider and the rest of the Eyes on Final Fantasy Site Staff will do their best to make as many entries at EoFF as possible, and if you add the RSS feed linked above to your friends list, you'll see every news update appear on your friends lists in quick time.

Thanks for your patience!

~Daniel Towns / Loony BoB
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Eyes on Final Fantasy News - RSS feed coming soon! [24 Jul 2005|08:02pm]

First up: Apologies for the complete lack of updates being posted into this community.

Secondly: We've been working to resolve this problem and, hopefully within the week, should have a RSS feed set up. This means that any news updates at EoFF will automatically port over to a LiveJournal syndication journal. As soon as it's set up, we'll let you know. We've also employed two further news reporters, so hopefully updates will be coming in faster than ever. :)

Again, sorry for the dead community you've all subscribed to, but we're happy to have that problem fixed. Yay. :)

~Daniel / Loony BoB.
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And Another One! - News update by Loony BoB [27 Oct 2004|11:08am]

Three has become four as Square Enix have announced yet another title to join the "Compilation of Final Fantasy VII". The latest title is Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. Little has been revealed about what we can expect in this game, however Square Enix have described it as an action RPG. Still, we have a long time to wait - the game is due for release in Japan in early 2006.

The games director will be Hajime Tahata, and production is notably being overseen by the director fo the original Final Fantasy VII, Yoshinori Kitase. This won't be the first time these two work in similar roles together - they were both involved in Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis. Tetsuya Nomura will lead the way in character design.

[Source: IGN]
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Square-Enix Announces New MMORPG - update by Cid [18 Sep 2004|12:03pm]

Square-Enix announced an all new online role-playing game that will utilize PlayOnline alongside Final Fantasy XI. The game is Fantasy Earth: The Ring of Dominion, and you can view the official Square-Enix website here. The game is slated for a 2005 release in Japan.

[Sources - RPGamer]
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FFXI Finally Released In Europe! - update by Rainecloud [18 Sep 2004|12:01pm]

Final Fantasy XI has finally been released in Europe, much to the delight of almost every gaming fan in the continent. This cross-platform, cross-continent game will allow gamers to connect to the same world - regardless of their chosen platform or location. European gamers will now be able to see "what all the fuss is about", as it were, as they experience this amazing online world.

“We’re delighted to launch the latest version of Final Fantasy XI in our market. The title has gone from strength to strength, and now a whole new community of players will be able to share the adventure in Vana'diel.”

~ John Yamamoto, President and CEO of Square Enix Ltd.

The first 30 days of play will be free, and will then cost $12.95 (US Dollars) per month if the player decides to stay in Vana'diel.

[Sources - Square Insider]
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More Details on PS2 Final Fantasy VII Sequel - update by Cid [18 Sep 2004|11:58am]

The nerd world was overjoyed yesterday to hear the announcement of a sequel to perhaps the greatest Final Fantasy of all time. Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus puts Vincent Valentine in our control one year after the events in Advent Children. The details that are known about Square-Enix's newest title are few, but the game begins as a mysterious group known as "DG" attack a peaceful town leaving Vincent no choice but to fight back. IGN is reporting that the game has a similar look to Devil May Cry. More details about the game could be revealed at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show beginning September 24, 2004.

[Sources - IGN] | [Discuss this Topic]
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Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus - update by Rainecloud [15 Sep 2004|01:44pm]

Excellent news for PS2 Final Fantasy fans: Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus has been confirmed. Details are sparse at the moment, but we do know that the events of this game take place one year after the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie. Also, Vincent Valentine will be the lead character.

The game is due to hit stores in Japan at some point during 2005. We'll keep you posted with regards to US and European release dates, as always.

[Sources - Square Insider]
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Square-Enix to Re-publish More Music - update by Strider [15 Sep 2004|01:44pm]

It has been reported that Square-Enix will be re-publishing three game soundtracks.

Final Fantasy IX's original soundtrack, Seiken Densetsu IV: Legend of Mana, and Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu (also known as Sword of Mana) will be available again in Japan on October 20.

There has been no word concerning North America or Europe, but rest assured we will keep you posted.

[Sources - RPGFan]
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Site Updates - update by Cid [14 Sep 2004|06:45pm]

Final Fantasy XII :: 5 Movies Added
Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children :: 2 Wallpapers Added
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Before Crisis News - update by Strider [14 Sep 2004|06:33pm]

In one day, the game that takes place before the events in Final Fantasy VII has climbed to the top of the mountain to become the most popular cell-phone game ever.

During the first day of its release, 200,000 people registered to become part of Before Crisis, a cellular-phone game that puts the user in control of a Turk during the time before the threat of Sephiroth.

As if that wasn't news enough, it has also been confirmed that the cellular phone used to play Before Crisis will be released to several countries outside of Japan, including the United States. The Federal Communications Commission certified the N900iG, among other models, for release at a later date. There is speculation that these models will arrive later this year, but nothing concrete has been confirmed as of yet.

[Sources - Advent Children, RPGFan]
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Advent Children Review - update by Strider [11 Sep 2004|01:32pm]

With a preview screening at the Venice International Film Festival in the rear-view mirror now, one site now has a review of Square-Enix's highly anticipated movie sequel to Final Fantasy VII.

After watching a truncated 25-minute version of the film, 1up.com put what they saw into detail. Be forewarned, however, that the review contains numerous spoilers concerning the plot of the movie.

To take a look at it, click here.

[Sources - 1up]
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New FFXII Artwork - update by Strider [03 Sep 2004|12:07pm]

The official site for Square-Enix's upcoming Final Fantasy XII has uploaded some new artwork and information concerning a few different races that will be featured in this world of Ivalice.

For starters, the site now details the differences between the numerous races of Bangaa. There are four in all, including the Faas ("soldier" in the Bangaa language), the Ruga (a seemingly peaceful type), and the Bista and Sanga (those inbetween). Just don't call them "Lizardmen", as it's considered an offensive remark.

The site also gives an up-close look at the newest version of the Moogle. The site's profile of Moogles mentions that most of them are adept engineers in Ivalice, also referred to as Etoria.

If that's not enough, there's also a few details about the Seeq.

To see it all for yourself, visit Square-Enix's official site for Final Fantasy XII. To check out all the info on the races, click here.

[Sources - SquareNet]
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Panasonic to Promote Advent Children - update by Strider [02 Sep 2004|10:57am]

Electronics powerhouse Panasonic and the upcoming Square movie will be promoting one another soon, as the company's official website will soon feature a section with information and goodies from the highly anticipated sequel to Final Fantasy VII.

Beginning on September 16, Panasonic.jp will feature sections containing news updates, interviews with those involved in the movie's production, and plenty of downloadable material.

You can also jump here for a small advertisement that features Cloud Strife holding Panasonic's P900iv model cellular phone. There has been no official word on Advent Children's release date, although it's currently slated for release in Japan later this year.

[Sources - Advent Children, SquareNet]
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New Details from Kingdom Hearts II - update by Strider [01 Sep 2004|01:23pm]

Those eagerly anticipating the sequel to the smash Disney-immersed RPG will be happy to learn of new developments out of Tokyo for Kingdom Hearts II.

The camera system, considered by most a liability in the first game, can be controlled in KH2 by the right analog button. It still has a few kinks that have to be worked out, but it can be considered an important improvement.

During gameplay, the hero Sora can take advantage of a new feature referred to as the "Transformation Drive". You simply collect orbs from battles and activate them to combine your power with another character, allowing for an entirely new array of abilities and attacks.

The combo system has also been taken to a new level, as they should be easier to perfect. There are new combinations that are specific to your weaponry, most of which will involve arms from the original Kingdom Hearts.

Although there is no set release date for Kingdom Hearts II, it is expected to arrive in stores in Japan and North America sometime in 2005. There is no word concerning release in Europe as of yet.

[Sources - RPGamer]
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Chains of Promathia Details & Chain of Memories Release [29 Aug 2004|04:39pm]

The official website for the FFXI expansion, Chains of Promathia has recently been updated with exciting information, including the appearance of a familiar character. The expansion for the PS2 and PC versions of FFXI will feature the ever popular dragon, Bahamut. His role in the game is currently unknown, but on the website he is referred to as the "Wyrm King". Also, more non-playable characters have been revealed including Tenzen, a loyal samurai on a secret mission, Justinius, the head of the forces guarding the islands of Tavnazia, the Chebukki Twins, and Cherukiki. Chains of Promathia will also introduce some new equipment that will keep characters colorful and well protected. FFXI Chains of Promathia will be available worldwide in mid September.

In other gaming news, Square Enix has finally revealed the release date to the GBA Sequel to Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. The game will be available in Japan on November 11th, and will carry a retail price of about $54.30 US. A North American release date for Chain of Memories is scheduled for this Christmas. Kingdom Hearts II for the PS2 has yet to receive an official release date, but is expected to come out sometime in 2005.

[Sources: RPGFan-FFXI, RPGFan-KH]
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FFXI Official Release in Europe & FFXII Soundtrack Samples [08 Aug 2004|11:17am]

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy will make its official debut in Europe on September 16th. Both expansions to the game, Rise of the Zilart and Chains of Promathia will be included in the release, which will contain seven CD-ROMs total. This launch will coincide with the Japanese & North American release for Chains of Promathia, which will allow for the entire game to be played by a worldwide audience for the first time. The game will retail for about 50 Euros, which includes a free 30-day trial. Afterwards a charge of $12.95(USD) will be issued a month, and an additonal $1.00 for every character up to fifteen characters per month.

In other news, Square Enix has added a three soundtrack samples to the music section of the official FFXII Site. The game, soundtrack and all, is slated for a Spring 2005 release in Japan, and a North American release date is yet to be announced. We will keep you posted.

[Sources: RPGamer-FFXI, RPGamer-FFXII]
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Square Enix Cell Phone Plans & Sakaguchi's Right Hand Man [29 Jul 2004|01:28am]

Square Enix has recently announced some plans for its upcoming cell phone based content. The FFVII prequel, Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, will be an online action RPG that takes place six years prior to the events of Square's famous hit, FFVII. To advance in the game, players will have to assemble a team to take on the various missions throughout gameplay. The game is still under development and progressing as planned. Information regarding any release dates, outside or in Japan, are not yet known at this time.

The company is working simultaneously on Final Fantasy XI mobile content. The viewer-like software will allow users to exchange themselves for instance with other members of their Linkshell. Square Enix is labeling it a solution to keep in touch with the game's virutal world 24 hours as chat, PT and other features will be implemented.

Also, it was previously announced that the creator of Final Fantasy, Hironobu Sakaguchi, has founded his own company. Sakaguchi has chosen Kensuke Tanaka as the vice president of Mist Walker. Tanaka served as general producer of the anime project Final Fantasy Unlimited. He was also involved in PlayOnline, the beta version of Final Fantasy XI, and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

[Sources: RPGFan 1, RPGFan 2]
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Yuffie in Advent Children [24 Jul 2004|05:14pm]

Another magazine scan was recently released on FFVII: Advent Children and Before Crisis. In this one, Yuffie makes her first appearance as she sails down from the sky. This scan also includes a few interesting shots of Cid, RedXII, Reno, and Rude. Go here to check out this hot scan. Advent Children is expecting a release date of Fall in Japan. A North American release date has not yet been announced but we will keep you posted.

[Source: RPGamer, Advent Children]
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Final Fantasy Creator Starts New Company [22 Jul 2004|05:11pm]

The ever famous mastermind behind the whole Final Fantasy series, Hironobu Sakaguchi has recently announced the founding of a new game company called Mist Walker. The new company plans to focus on game development, and not publishing. Sakaguchi revealed little of his plans for future projects beyond that he has his sights set on next generation technology. He also noted two potential employees for his new company, Yoshitaka Amano, who worked on FFI-VI, and Takehiko Inoue, popular for the many magnas he has done.

Ever since the failure of FF: The Spirits Within when he resigned as Vice President of Square and president of Square USA, Sakaguchi has not made many public appearances at all. He was credited as the executive producer of Final Fantasy X and XI, but really had little input on the two titles. What the creation of the new comapny means for Sakaguchi's relationship with Square Enix is yet to be revealed.

[Sources: RPGFan, RPGamer]
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FFXI Chains of Promathia Release Date [10 Jul 2004|06:35pm]

Square Enix has recently revealed the release date for PS2 and PC versions of the expansion to their popular MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI. Chains of Promathia will be available in Japan and the US on September 21st for a retail price of $29.99 US. The release of Chains of Promathia in Japan and the US will coincide with the release of Final Fantasy XI in Europe.

[Source: RPGFan]
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