Loony BoB (loony_bob) wrote in eoff_news,
Loony BoB

As promised. :)


For all your Final Fantasy news needs! This community is now going to be officially inactive. Sorry about the long period of inactivity that was already happening anyway, but I hope the new ffnews will keep you as up to date as possible with all news on Final Fantasy. :) Azar, Sepho, Cloud_Strider, CloudDragon, Strider and the rest of the Eyes on Final Fantasy Site Staff will do their best to make as many entries at EoFF as possible, and if you add the RSS feed linked above to your friends list, you'll see every news update appear on your friends lists in quick time.

Thanks for your patience!

~Daniel Towns / Loony BoB
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Cool-ness :)
Although, it's still sad to see the old community go away :(
I'm looking for soundtrack from the film Final Fantasy Spirits within can you help me?